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Exclusive Interview with Kola Kuddus

Kola Kuddus

When did you make your first ever design?

I made my first ever design sometimes in 2003.

What was the design and for whom?

It was a shirt design made for myself.

How much did you sell the first ever clothe you made as a fashion designer?

My first clothe was sold for N1,800.

When did you have your first ever fashion show?

My first fashion show was at Benson Idahosa University, Benin in 2007

When did you have your first international fashion exhibition?

International fashion showcase London 2012. It was a great feeling being among the five designers selected to represent Nigeria at the show and also the pieces were well received

When did you buy your first car?

I bought my first car in 2003 and it was worth N450,000. The car was a Mazda 626.

What was the first prize you ever won in your life?

The first prize I won in my life was a Blackberry phone. I was the first finalist from Lagos for creative entrepreneur at MTN Lagos fashion design week.

What’s the first position of responsibility you have ever held?

Creative Director, not C.E.O, of Kolakuddus

What is the name of the first professional award you ever received?

That was the award I got for the young designer of the year. I received it during the Nigeria youth merit award in 2011.

When did you have your first heart break?

I have had no heart break. The girls did not even agree to date me so there was no room for heart break.

Who was your first love?

It was one fine girl. Name withheld and it happened in 2000.

What is the name of the first school you ever attended?

The first school I ever attended was St. John’s Nursery and Private School.

What is the first prize you ever received in school?

I did not receive any prize.

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