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The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria

The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria was established to bring together fashion designers in Nigeria and promote Nigerian culture through fashion and style. It also serves as a platform that offers its members equal and sufficient
opportunities to advance their careers as designers and make contributions to the nation’s art, culture, and tourism industries. In each of Nigeria’s 36 States, FADAN has a chapter. As a result, we continue to be the sole recognized organization advancing Nigerian art and fashion culture. We operate similarly to the British Fashion Council as a regulatory agency. For the sustainability of art via fashion, FADAN collaborates with prominent fashion businesses, brands, and Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Art and Culture. We at FADAN have developed a technologically advanced structure that enables our members to collaborate with
companies, connect with fashion designers across Nigeria, and track their growth in line with the association’s mission. The main goal of FADAN is to promote art through formal fashion education provided through fashion and design
institutions, as well as to preserve the traditional heritage of fashion in Nigeria and its evolution over time.

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New Event Coming up !

The Fadan event is an annual gathering of various fashion designers from around the world. This event provides a platform for designers to showcase and sell their unique products to attendees who share a common appreciation for fashion. Fadan event is not only a great opportunity for designers to network, but it also attracts fashion enthusiasts who are eager to discover the latest trends. The event is highly anticipated each year, and attendees are always thrilled to see the creative designs and unique styles on display. With each passing year, the Fadan event continues to grow in size and popularity, and many designers have found it to be an essential part of their marketing strategy. Overall, the Fadan event is an exciting and dynamic event that blends commerce, creativity, and passion for fashion in a single location.


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