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The FADAN Presidents address (31st December, 2015)

The importance of clothing can never be over emphasized, as humans this is one of our most basic needs. As fashion designers we design and create clothing and accessories amongst other roles.

In 1989 the Fashion Designers Association Of Nigeria was created with the main objective of promoting Nigeria’s culture through Fashion and Style. FADAN has gone through various phases and governments. It is a privilege that under my government there has been a lot of reforms; the association is revamped and repositioned with various innovative projects, workshops and seminars which have been very beneficial to the members of the association and have gained us a lot of buzz and notable recognition from various Agencies, Industries, Ministries and Government parastatal.
The major highlight in the year 2015 for me was the grace to give back being very passionate about the youth. Through your individual support, various platforms that launched emerging designers into the Fashion industry were created, from which promising, creative and passionate young designers who have won various awards emerged.
FADAN is where we are because of your support. I am tempted to mention names and thank everyone individually, but that will require me writing a whole book.
As members of the association, you all have been very helpful and I’m blessed to have such a strong supporting team.

Looking back at our achievements, we can only marvel at the brightness of this association’s future.

Despite our achievements there is still a lot of work to be done. Our main aim is to promote the growth of the fashion industry in Nigeria, as a country we have a population of over 170 million with only about 15% wearing Nigeria while the others wear international brands.

The Nigerian fashion industry can compete globally and create jobs for millions of Nigerians with the support of the government and the patronage of the citizens.

To be able to meet production demands we must first start with proper training and the creation of production hubs, which I have sung into the ears of the government repeatedly, the responses are quite impressive and the future looks bright.

As we wait in anticipation, I urge you, don’t rest on your oar. Let’s do it again together come 2016.

I wish you all a Happy, productive and prosperous New Year!


Yes we can…Yes we will!

The National President (FADAN)
Mrs. Funmi Ajila Ladipo


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